Tips For Taking Yourself To Dinner

Go to dinner alone.

I dare you.

What will people think if they see you sitting by yourself?

Something must be wrong with you. 

But that’s not true.

Taking yourself to dinner is empowering. And how many people are willing to do something by themselves?


Tip #1 – Don’t Give A F***

Forget about what they think. Strangers in a bar or restaurant mean nothing to you. They aren’t people you immediately care about, right? Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and repeat after me.

“I.. don’t.. give.. a.. single.. Fuck.”

Tip #2 – Treat Yo Self

Whether you go to a new or favorite restaurant, be prepared to go all out. Why? Because you can. And you deserve it. Why not, is the better question. 

At least have $100 to spend. Permit yourself to get whatever drink, entree and dessert sound the best.

Tip #3 – Be Open

It’s going to feel awkward at first. So don’t overthink it. You can sit at the bar if a table feels like too much. You don’t need to do or not do anything. You belong there just as much as anyone else. Play it cool and go with whatever feels right. 

Tip #4 – Be Kind

Because it feels good. Unfortunately, entitlement is the new manners. But don’t be that person. If the service was good, say so. And tip a little extra. If the food was good too, deliver a compliment. And tip a little more. Don’t overthink the tipping. Money comes and goes. But people will remember how you treat them. 

Tip #5 – Dress Up

You’re going on a date with the most important person in your life. YOU. So put that dress or suit on that’s been tucked in the back of the closet. If you have to fake confidence, you may as well dress the part. Go out looking like the fucking badass you are. 

Tip #6 – Plan Accordingly

If you’re an introvert, taking yourself to dinner at 6 pm on a Friday isn’t the best plan. However, that same time is an extrovert’s playground. So, make arrangements to go during a time that best serves you.

You have nothing to lose, except maybe the best dinner of your life.

You’ll want to overthink this whole venture. But don’t do it. 

You’d agree to go to dinner with your family or friends. But hesitate to take yourself?

Nah! Go for it.

Literally no one is going to point at you and call you a lonely loser for sitting by yourself at dinner. 

And if they do, then I suppose you can blame me for it. 

But you got this. And always remember Tip #1 – Don’t Give A Fuck.

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